"Our troubles have principally been human ones. People who seemingly showed good potential and who even proved excellent in being able to start something but then do not make the grade later on."

- Georges Doriot, father of Venture Capitalism

Crescent Management Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specializing in talent management strategy, employee selection, leadership development, and succession planning, with a particular focus on using assessment products to inform decision making and predict critical contingencies. Crescent helps your company use in-depth research and data analysis to inform business opportunities and predict important workplace outcomes. 

Whether it's helping your leadership team move their focus from the tactical to the strategic, or identifying top talent hidden within your employee ranks, Crescent puts companies on the right path to select, retain, coach, and promote the right people.

 Simply put, Crescent uses your data to help you make decisions that are better, faster, and always grounded in reality.